Curriculum was formed a long time ago. It was based on old values that “the old white guys” thought were relevant. The values of the people who are in charge how many years ago would dictate what the kids learn right now. It makes me think that the curriculum does not change very often because it is a hot debate. Values change and people never agree. Therefore, making a provincial curriculum can be very debated. I think curriculum was also a hard, long process. Just like I said, it would take some time to agree.


After reading the article, I do realize it is a lengthy process for curriculum. That is why there is no new curriclum today. It takes foreeeever. That is why us, as future teachers, are talking about this subject. Why no new curriculum? Or why do we teach certain things? Or the reason behind certain things that happen in today’s school. I agree that curriculum is one of the hardest thing to conquer in Education. As well, it a hot topic knowing that some subjects got more looked on than others. For example, math and science are always the primary and “important” subjects in school. Physical Education and Music seem to get shoved to the side. From my experience, during an assembly or times get cut short. Physical Education is always the one that get cut. But why does the curriculum say they state healthy living? This is where I get torn between that all subjects are equal. There is always more time on math and science. As well, the curriculum makers are so “intelligent” and experts on that particular subject, therefore choosing the needed items to get covered in a year. Therefore, are all teachers experts in these natures? And are the teachers interpreting the “correct way”. “Politics is the primary process through which public decisions are made”. Political. Teaching is a moral and political act. The processes of governing the plans and how to run the class.


2 thoughts on “Curriculum

  1. I think that your” before and after” comments show just how much there is a stigma around curriculum design, and why there is a serious problem with it. “The old white guys” have way too much power and those who should be heavily consulted and involved seem to be completely discarded. I really enjoyed the questions that you mentioned in your second paragraph, I think that as future educators these are the types of questions that are essential to consider.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂


  2. Hey Sara,

    Curriculum is surely a difficult topic to pin down. How could we even “depoliticize” school curriculum if the people at the top are unavoidably political people? If we instead decided to try and balance political interest in school how could that be done or would it be the right thing to do?
    Like you said some subjects are prioritized over others as if the people who are at the top know best for the individual students needs. Would schools specialized in certain subjects be a possible solution?


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